Sunday, October 31, 2010

pink faerie

I apologize for being completely absent these last few weeks. I was gearing up for my traditional trek to TRF, as well as beginning my new position. My schedule was all over the place, and I'm just now getting to a the point where I may actually have time to get up and put ON make up before work, rather than running frantically about.

It's getting cold, so that means my skin has been like EEEE! and very dry. I use Mary Kay's TimeWise Moisturizer, though I think I may need to look for something else. I'm just not as satisfied with it as I once was. I'm also a horrible person, in that I don't moisturize every time I wash my face. I think once I get my routine down, I'll decide if I want to go with another moisturizer or not.

Anyway, down to some actual makeup!
I'd like to show off the look I did for the Texas Renaissance Festival's 1001 Dreams weekend, aka Faerie Weekend.
It was based off Petrilude's Truly Truly Outrageous! look from his YouTube Channel. If you haven't seen some of his stuff, go and check him out.. he does some AMAZING make up looks, some really basic, to the zombie looks he has featured for the Halloween season.
He did it with a teal and pink look, so since I was going with an overall pink theme for my faerie costume, I went with purple and yellow.

(I apologize for the poor quality of pictures. I completely forgot to take pictures until we were well into the park.)
The make up I used:
Mary Kay Medium coverage foundation in Ivory 104
Mary Kay mineral powder
Sephora buildable cover in light

Urban Decay Primer Potion in "Eden"
Purple: Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister (BOS III) & Ecstasy (BOS II), Shiro Cosmetics' Rattata
Yellow: Shiro Cosmetics' Dunsparce, Urban Decay Honey (Deluxe Shadow box)
White: Urban Decay Polyester Bride (Ammo shadow palette)
Highlighter: a vanilla shade from NYX's Runway Collection "Jazz Night" Palette
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil "Ransom"
Maybelline XXL Pro Volume in "Very Black"
Face jewels from Hobby Lobby.

I didn't quite pull the color up as much as he did, which I think would made the look pop more. I was pulling from memory, as signal was kind of crap out in the camping area (did I mention we camped out?), and I couldn't pull up the video.
I also think my tools itself need some work. I have a set of brushes that are just basics from Mary Kay, but I have asked from some brushes from Sonia Kashuk for my birthday, which I hear are great quality brushes, while still being good for your money. We shall see!
I also have a lot of problem with mascara smudging as the day goes on. It doesn't matter what mascara I use, it always happens. I'm thinking its because of my application. I'm going to check with the girl whose got the most righteous mascara looks ever, my friend Megs, to see what I can do to prevent it.

A quick recommendation: Lipsticks & Lightsabers.
I stumbled on her blog through Shiro Cosmetics' Twitter, and she is absolutely fantastic. She wrote a rather hilarious blog about Michelle Phan, and how frustrating it is to be a geek today, when everyone considers themselves a geek. Oh, and she has some beautiful makeup looks and tutorials!

Anyway, I think this should satisfy myself for now.

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